SAPOA Objectives

The repositioning of SAPOA is vital to strengthen its role and improve the understanding and support within the member DPOs for greater contribution in the region’s postal & logistics sector. Currently there is general lack of knowledge of SAPOA’s role by employees within the DPO’s, thus the repositioning that, will include brand awareness, will accomplish several objectives for SAPOA. It will assist to increase its profile in the marketplace/environment it operates in. SAPOA will need to overcome certain challenges so that its customer/DPOs understand what its benefits are.


The mandate of SAPOA is contained in Article 11 of the SADC Protocol on Transport and Communications and its role is to ensure that every sector of the community has access to modern, efficient and diversified range of mail, financial and e-products.


The following are key highlights of the postal sector focus areas for the coming years:

  • Financial Inclusion
  • eCommerce;
  • e-Services;
  • Addressing & Postcodes roll-out;
  • Promote Cross-border relationships


Enabling innovation and Postal excellence.


  • Ensuring Quality of Service and Customer Centricity;
  • Improving Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy;
  • Supporting Ecom@Africa Regional Hub by DPOs;
  • Improving access to postal & logistic network;
  • Introducing e-services as a compliment and ultimately an alternative to traditional services.


  • Excellence (Quality, Performance)
  • Collaboration (Cooperation, Participation)
  • Learning & Innovation (Creativity, Ingenuity)
  • Leadership (Influence, Execution, Competitive Advantage)
  • Safety & Security (Health, mail security.)